Marsh Creek Farm

From the East:

I-94 to Exit 10 (River Falls/New Richmond/Hwy 65 exit). North (right) 2.1 miles on Hwy 65 to stop light at intersection with Hwy 12. West (left) on Hwy 12 for 2.2 miles to 943 Hwy 12 on south (left) side of the road.

From the West:

I-94 to Exit 4 (Hwy 12/Somerset exit). North (left) on Hwy 12 for 1.0 miles. After you turn onto highway 12 you will go through 3 stops lights. At the 3rd stop light, turn right to continue on Highway 12 for another 4.0 miles to 943 Hwy 12 on south (right) side of the road. Slow down once you get close to 4.5 miles or will go past our place.

Look for:

Tan house and tan barn 600 feet off the road on the South side of the road in big open field with high tensile fencing along the road and gravel driveway. If you're lucky there may be a herd of horses in the front pasture - but don't count on it.

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Sheree Koehler and Michael Peters
943 Hwy 12 Roberts, WI 54023
(phone) 715.749.4124

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