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Dude Wheres My Art


2/23/2003 Dark Bay or Brown Gelding

Dude Wheres My Art
Owned by...May Fursey
    State Of The Art    Sonny's Andrew   Impressive Andrew
     She's Sonny Dee
     Honey Of A Rock   Rock Star
     Mighty Rare Honey
   Charlies Finest   Impressiv Charlies   Fair Charles
     My Dandy Straw
     Dude's Finesse   Smokey Poco Dude
     Bonanza Tuchaclass

Unshown as a weanling. Full brother to The Ace Of Spades (4x Bronze Medallion Youth horse ... other accomplishments too numerous to list). Dude has the potential to do just as well in the Western classes as his brother. He is quiet, flat, slow and sweepy - just what the judges are looking for. Mature height will be near 15.1 hands. This colt is exceptional and is destined to be a winner.

Breeders Trust Information at ApHC site Enrolled in the Breeder's Trust.   

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Dude Wheres My Art  -  Click On Image to enlarge
Dude Wheres My Art  -  Click On Image to enlarge
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State Of The Art  -  Click On Image to enlarge
State Of The Art
Charlies Finest  -  Click On Image to enlarge and view her produce
Charlies Finest
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