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Intimate Art


3/8/2003 Bay with blanket Mare

Intimate Art
Owned by...Cheri Hirt
    State Of The Art    Sonny's Andrew   Impressive Andrew
     She's Sonny Dee
     Honey Of A Rock   Rock Star
     Mighty Rare Honey
   Intimacy   Mark Me First   Goer
     Im a Tuff Cheri
     Intoxicating   Scotch Bar Time
     Sheza Fancy Chick

This was our last baby of the year and was well worth the wait. Just the right type of blanket over the hips with a big blaze on her dished head. She is the first one from this cross so don't know yet what she wants to be, but moves like she wants to be a pleasure horse. Update: Watch for this talented filly in the longe-line classes and futurities at the 2004 shows! -- SOLD --

Breeders Trust Information at ApHC site Enrolled in the Breeder's Trust.   

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Intimate Art  -  Click On Image to enlarge
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State Of The Art
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