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Artistic Sundown


3/4/2003 Dark Bay or Brown with Blanket Gelding

Artistic Sundown
Owned by...Mary Nora
    State Of The Art    Sonny's Andrew   Impressive Andrew
     She's Sonny Dee
     Honey Of A Rock   Rock Star
     Mighty Rare Honey
   Downsize   QS Whoa Down   Sun Down Q
     Bandis Shady Lady
     Lacey Sunshine   Sun Down Q
     Precious Lace

Unshown as a weanling. Dam is a double-bred granddaughter of Sundown Q. Although Q-Down is a first foal he is already showing his natural talent. He is the handiest foal we have raised and seems to know exactly where each of his feet are all the time (Trail? Western Riding?). We’re sure he’s going to be a western pleasure horse but know he has the ability to be so much more. -- SOLD --

Breeders Trust Information at ApHC site Enrolled in the Breeder's Trust.   

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Artistic Sundown  -  Click On Image to enlarge
Artistic Sundown  -  Click On Image to enlarge
Artistic Sundown  -  Click On Image to enlarge
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State Of The Art  -  Click On Image to enlarge
State Of The Art
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